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This site will guide you to information you will need to take full advantage of the content presented in lectures, demonstrations, workshops and critiques. For critiques, students must establish their own PICASA gallery. That location must be linked to this class blog page (via Student Photo Portfolio Links below) so their work can easily be accessed during critiques.

VIRTUAL TEXTBOOK: "Publication Design Principles and Practices" by Professor Robert L. Jones, II


Ethnographic Media in Egyptian Communities
Treasures of Africa and the Middle East Magazine
Arabatel Village on the Nile
Cairo's City of the Dead
FALL 2010 (enter name and url below:

JRMC 305-03

1. Ayesha Mohamed Abdel Moteleb

2. Mennatallah Bahaei Abdel Shafy

3. Nouran Mohamed Abu Seif

4. Mennat Allah Sherif El Ebrashy

5. Nourhan Rafik El Geziry

6. Mariam Khaled El-Sayed

7. Laila Youssef El-Shoubary

8. Yasmine Alaa El Din Farag

9. Nancy Safwat Riad Georgy

10. Mahmoud Hassan Ghoneim

11.Dara Mohamed Saad El Di Ghosheh

12. Nourhan Hassan Elbanna Hassan

13.Mohamed Fouad Hassan

14.Yasmine Mohamed Yousry Henna

15.Noor Mahmoud Ibrahim

16.Hossam Mohamed Ezzel Din Khalil

17.Noha Ahmed khodeir

18. Mostafa Ragab

19.Maha Said Abdel Hakim Rateb

20.Mona Bassel Mohamed Tawfik

JRMC 305-04

1. Yasmeen Abou Hashish

2. Hadir Mohamed Gamal Ali

3. May Medhat Azer

4. Farah Ibrahim Badrawy

5. Sarah Soliman Sadek Ebeid

6. Menna Ellaithy

7.Nader Hassan El Saeed

8. Farah Jihad El Salahi

9. Mohamed Ayman El Serougy

10. Hanan Mounir El-Sobky

11. Mariam Ziad Ezzat

12. Dana Yousry Khedr

13. Farah Emad Mansour

14. Noha Sayed Marei

15. Donna Ibrahim Nassar

16. Nora Osman

17. Nader Nabil Rizkallah

18. Rana Maher Sarrouf

19. Omar Khaled Youssef

20. Mohab Abdel Mageed Zaki


JRMC 305



MODULE 8 General Design Samples: Logos, Posters, Typography, Covers, Multiple Images

EXERCISE: Select 3 designs to critically analyze in terms of the concepts presented in lectures based on Module 8, 1, 2.

MODULE 1 Basic Elements of Design

MODULE 2 Typography: What Editors & Designers Need to Know About Type

MODULE 7 Poster Design

ASSIGNMENT 1: Create a PUBLIC SERVICE POSTER using PHOTOSHOP [or IN DESIGN] coupled with your understanding of lectures, in-class demonstrations and content of the above virtual textbook modules.


MODULE 3 Magazine Spread Design (Article & Picture Story Spread Design)

MODULE 4 Picture Editing & Layout Intro

MODULE 5 Photography for Non Photographers

MODULE 9 Designer’s Glossary

ASSIGNMENT 2: Create a PICTURE STORY using EITHER PHOTOSHOP or IN DESIGN. This should be designed using the principles, theories and techniques covered in lectures, in-class demonstrations and content of the above virtual textbook modules as well as Critique 1. * NOTE: If you chose to produce your picture story using Photoshop, you do not have to do another one using In Design.


MODULE 3 Magazine Spread Design (Article & Picture Story Spread Design)

MODULE 10 Magazine Content Editing, Design and Production

ASSIGNMENT 3: Create a MAGAZINE ARTICLE SPREAD using the techniques and skills developed in the previous modules along with the knowledge and insights gained through Critiques #1 and #2.


MODULE 6 Web Design: A Quick Start Guide

ASSIGNMENT 4: Create a COMMUNITY BASED LEARNING “CBL” MEDIA PROJECT USING YOUR CHOICE OF EITHER: WEB SOFTWARE (Dreamweaver, i-Web, etc.) or AUDIO-VISUAL / MULTIMEDIA SOFTWARE (Picture Project for Windows; movie software like i-Movie or Windows Movie Maker.

FINAL CBL PRINT MEDIA PRODUCTION PROJECT: Create a PRINT MEDIA CBL PROJECT as directed by your community collaborators.

Slogans for Posters

Useful Photoshop Technique (suggested reading)
HDR Shooting Technique (suggested reading)

VIRTUAL LEARNING VIDEOS: "Practical Approaches to Mastering Photo Shop, In Design and Dreamweaver" (c) by Mohamed Ahmed.

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